Popular Workshops

  • 1. Removing Barriers: Excelling Employees
  • 2. FAST Lane: Frustrated, Anxious, Stressed, Tired? 
  • 3. Create Haelth On The Go And Balance Hormones
  • 4. Two Minute Solution to Restoring Balance When Your Mind is Overwhelmed
  • 5. Disarming Triggers With The Power of Nutrition
  • 6. How to Energize and Motivate Yourself
  • 7. POWER: Provide Ourselves With Endless Restoration
  • 8. DeClutter Your Life And Become More Efficient
  • 9. Nutrition 101: (5) Steps to Improve Your Health 
  • 10. How to Add Movement At Work and Home Life
  • 11. Removing Barriers
  • 12. Nutrition Mythbusters
  • 13. Effective Discipline
  • 14. How Do I Organize An Effective Classroom 

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Our workshops are custom designed to meet your needs. Each training workshop is filled with interaction, movement, storytelling and laughter to create a lasting impression!

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